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We are all in this together. Here are some resources to help you through this difficult time. From activities to help keep little ones entertained, to counseling options, to how to help local businesses, I’ve got you covered. And check out my new crowd-sourced community grocery store dashboard!


  • The Likelihood of Dying from COVID-19
    There is a lot of conflicting info out there…  How deadly is COVID-19, really?   The most recent and best estimate of the infection-fatality risk (IFR) of COVID-19 is 1.45%.  In other words, 1.45% (or 1 in 69) of all those infected with the disease (not just those with symptoms or those that have received positive test results) do not survive.  As expected, risk significantly increases with age.   The following infographic shows the estimated IFR as calculated by epidemiologists at Columbia University. 
  • US & PA Coronavirus Update: 7.10.20
    US and PA Coronavirus update: 7.10.20. US Reported 63,264 new cases yesterday, according to data compiled from Johns Hopkins University. PA Department of Health reported 875 new cases today
  • PA COVID-19 Activity Heatmaps
    Track where new cases are being reported with this visualization of county level COVID-19 data, including new cases reported daily, 7-day average of new cases, and 14 day totals. Compare absolute numbers with per capita statistics.

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