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PA COVID-19 Statistics & Visualizations

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The At-a-Glance State Tracker will give you a quick idea of what’s going on in each state in the US with a quick one-page dashboard showing key metrics and trends for:

        • Testing;
        • Cases;
        • Hospitalizations; and
        • Deaths

The MLM US COVID Tracker uses data collected from Johns Hopkins University to provide a more in-depth look at cases and death statistics.  Here you’ll find heatmaps and trends of case data broken out by state and county across the US. 


The PA COVID-19 School Reopening Dashboard couples the guidance provided by the PA Department of Education with the data reported by the PA Department of Health to help you determine the instructional model(s) recommended for your county.

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Concerning Trends and School Closures
COVID-19 Stats
Main Line Mama

PA Update 11.18.20: Concerning Trends and School Closures

Pa Update 11.18.20: Concerning Trends and School Closures Sigh. My kids’ school district just announced they plan to return to virtual this coming Monday, after several weeks of hybrid instruction.  As disappointed as I am to hear that news, I get it.  Based on the numbers in my area, it really is a smart decision. 

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PA COVID-19 Update 11.11.20
COVID-19 Stats
Main Line Mama

PA COVID-19 Update 11.11.20

PA COVID-19 Update – 11.11.20 Another record-breaking day in PA. According to data released by the PA Department of Health, there were 4,357 new infections reported yesterday – the highest one day total since the beginning of the pandemic. The data suggests that these are not all just mild infections. Hospitalizations continue to rise.  The number of

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Boo! Let's have some Halloween Fun!
Main Line Mama

Boo! Let’s have some Halloween Fun

Our Halloween plans may be somewhat different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun! In fact, one of my favorite Halloween traditions inherently combines no-contact, social distancing, and sometimes even masks: BOO-ing your neighbors and friends!!
The premise is simple: Deliver some Halloween treats to two friends by sneaking to their porch, ringing their doorbell, and running away!

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