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PA COVID-19 Update 11.11.20

PA COVID-19 Update - 11.11.20

Another record-breaking day in PA.

According to data released by the PA Department of Health, there were 4,357 new infections reported yesterday – the highest one day total since the beginning of the pandemic.

The data suggests that these are not all just mild infections.

Hospitalizations continue to rise.  The number of patients currently hospitalized increased to over 2066 – that’s a 7% increase over yesterday.  This means that in the most recent 24 hours, (at least) an additional 142 patients have been admitted to Pennsylvania hospitals for COVID.

In addition, the number of COVID-19 patients on ventilators has surged in the last several weeks.  On October 1, there were 60 COVID patients on ventilators in Pennsylvania.  Today, 190 COVID patients are currently on ventilators throughout the state, the highest number since June.  

I will be including this data in a more detailed PA hospitalization viz later today.  Update 6pm:  New page with hospitalization details: PA COVID-19 Hospitalization Data

Please stay vigilant, #maskup, and continue practice social distancing when possible.

Stay well~

Pennsylvania Covid Data

data snapshot 11.11.20

PA COVID-19 Update 11.11.20
Key COVID-19 data metrics continue to rise throughout Pennsylvania.
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