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Reopening PA: Data-Based Heatmap and Graphs June 3, 2020

To help visualize how we are doing as counties begin to open, I created a reopening heatmap. 

This heatmap highlights the number of cases reported by the State of PA’s Health Department in the last 14 days, per 100k residents of the county, a key metric to Pennsylvania’s initial reopening strategy.  

This map is color-coded. 

  • Counties with over 50 cases per 100k residents are red, with darker shades representing higher numbers. 
  • Counties with between 25-50 cases are colored yellow, aligning with the state guidance that counties should have less than 50 cases per capita before moving to this phase. 
  • There is no clear benchmark for the green phase of reopening.  But for purposes of our visualization, all counties with less than 25 cases are shaded green

Please note, this is not PA’s official reopening map.  Official guidance and details regarding Pennsylvania’s phased reopening can be found here.

Some observations:

  • There has been a sharp decline of newly reported cases in Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties.
  • Bucks County now has the fewest reported new cases in the last 14 days per 100k residents in the Philly Metro Area;
  • The number of reported positive cases in Chester County has remained relatively flat
  • Dauphin County, home to the PA Capital of Harrisburg, now rivals Philadelphia with the second highest number of confirmed cases per capita.

To view in full-screen mode on your Mac or PC: Click the image of the computer monitor in the upper right corner of the graphic.

A heatmap only shows us a snapshot in time and doesn’t really give us much insight into how a county is trending.  For more perspective, here’s what the map looked like on 5/30: 

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